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By February 10, 2020No Comments

Dear Partner,

Thank you for making an impact! Your partnership with us is a key component of our model. In fact, our model begins and ends with an engaged local community.  We must develop three categories in each community to create a platform for our students to become contributing members of your work and faith communities.

We must establish 1) partnerships with local businesses 2) an engaged local church and 3) robust school district partnerships. We believe from this living-breathing root system of people, with a passion to transform the lives of struggling high school students, our students will receive the tools and experiences as well as develop the connections to become contributing members of YOUR community.

Sound simple, huh? Or maybe it sounds complicated to you? Either way you may hear this message, we ask for you to continue to take simple steps alongside of us. For example, you might continue to share our story, connect us to your network, and support us financially in this venture.

Allow me to share some current success data as you consider the opportunities herein; We surveyed our students, and they reported that the Crossing has a profound impact on their behavior. If previously involved in the following behaviors, our students reported:

74% are now involved in less criminal activity
66% now use drugs/alcohol less often
51% participate in less sexual activity outside of marriage
61% Act less often on feelings of anger or sadness, in a way that hurts themselves or others


Partners, this means we are winning!  And this means you are winning by generously supporting our daily work. Moving forward, how can you connect your church or community organization to us to further our character development work?

Now, let’s dig into some more data together from We intuitively know that our students need to graduate into non-poverty careers and make every effort to afford them the opportunities to do so. The following data verifies that we are aiming at the right target:

60% of Hoosier adults do not have a degree, credential, certificate or officially documented/transferable skill-set.
2 million Hoosiers need additional training to compete in the 21st Century Workforce
There will be over 1 million open jobs by 2025 in Indiana


Opportunity to transform our students and our great state is at our fingertips! Please consider how we can partner with you on workforce and talent development in our community for the 1,200 students we serve annually.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Let’s do this!

Ryan Hill
Chief Operating Officer