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Our State-accredited private school creates the perfect program to support public schools through a sub-contracted relationship.

Why Partner with the Crossing?

Our mission is to empower struggling students with the necessary skills to become contributing members of their communities.  Local business partnerships allow us to provide our students with hands-on opportunities to develop these important skills while also building a stronger workforce within their organization.

All Work-Based Learning programs will include Faith-Based Character Education programming led by the Crossing.

Program Options

Our School Partners

We are contracted with 28 public school corporations at 14 Locations across the state!

  • 5 Satellites (co-located w/ business)
  • 1 Entrepreneurial Training Center
  • 7 Traditional Campuses
  • 1 Jail Facility

Our Success Rates

  • 87% Graduates, from past 3 years, are contributing to the community (currently enrolled in higher-ed/military and/or working) 
  • 50% Satellite (schools co-located in a business) graduates hired full-time by satellite partner in the last 2 years
  • 250 Annual Graduates 3yr./Avg.

Our mission is to empower struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through:

Academics accredited in the state of Indiana.

Job training in real-world environments.

Faith-based character education focused on core values.

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