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(March 2nd, 2016)


Empowering struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through academics, job training and faith-based character education.


With an average 1:8 teacher to student ratio, teachers are able to spend more time working one-on-one with students who learn at their own pace online.


JTP provides soft skills training for work experience and is intended to expose students to broad aspects of a particular industry or career cluster.


When the academic day is over, relationships continue. Crossing staff spend time with students before and after school, weekends included, inviting them into their homes and their daily lives.


Our students come to us from all corners of the education landscape.

Many have struggled in traditional educational settings, grappling with issues like poor academic performance, poor attendance, social conflicts, addiction, or behavioral problems. We have created a welcoming and safe family environment where our students feel a genuine sense of belonging. We work proactively with our students to find solutions and overcome their obstacles.

For those who have struggled academically

Our curriculum is self-paced and tailored to meet each student’s needs. Students can adjust the amount of time they spend working in each subject, so that they fully understand each concept before moving forward. Additional academic support is available for students who struggle to master a particular area.


For those who have struggled with attendance

Our teachers build real relationships with their students and hold them accountable for the daily choices that affect their attendance.

For those who feel disconnected or out of place socially

Our campuses are safe and welcoming places where students form genuine relationships and gain a sense of belonging. Many find it easier to fit in and feel like a part of a family at the Crossing.


For those who struggle with behavior

Our program heavily emphasizes character development. We meet students where they are, form relationships with them and use those relationships to instruct and model positive behavior. We see incredible transformation in our students’ behavior.



diplomas earned in last 3 years




students served '14-'15 school year



Become a D.A.D.

One of the most influential factors in the lives of many of our students is the fact that they are being raised without a DAD.


For $1 a day ($365 per year), you can be a D.A.D. (Dollar-A-Day) sponsor and make a lifetime impact in the life of a Crossing student in your community! Your investment will assist a student by paying a portion of his or her education at the Crossing Educational Center.





Community Action Team


We can only achieve what we do because of our dedicated volunteers. The collective effort of those in our communities is what empowers us to reach the lost and hopeless.

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Want to join the Crossing Family?

Want to join the Crossing Family?