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The Crossing’s Job Training Program (JTP) is a vital part of preparing our students to join the workforce after graduation. Our Career Pathway Instructors (CPI’s) provide soft skills training and a thorough cross-section of work experience. The Job Training Program also provides local businesses the opportunity to partner with The Crossing and to identify potential future employees.


Micro-businesses are student-run companies that offer various products and services to the community. Students learn how to write a business plan, perform business operations and production, and sell and market their products.


We designed a model in partnership with businesses to provide future workers with a hands-on approach to learning in a live business environment. This partnership equips students with an unparalleled set of hard and soft skills to succeed in their careers and lives after high school.


Students in individual apprenticeships work for at least a nine-week period in a professional work environment in their specific career interest area after they have proven themselves at their Campus Micro-business and/or Work Team.

Our students develop hard skills to meet technical requirements, but we also teach soft skills to complement their new abilities.

Strong Work Ethic

Good Communication Skills

Problem-Solving Skills



Positive Attitude

Time Management Abilities

Acting as a Team Player

Accepting and Learning from Constructive Criticism

Working Well Under Pressure