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A Note From Rob Staley-CEO

By May 4, 2020No Comments


What an unconventional year we’ve had!  Like all Indiana schools, the Crossing too, had to adjust to a new norm, and although it’s not ideal for the population of students we serve, our staff and students are doing a tremendous job! All across the state our staff are working hard to ensure our students are receiving the best education and support possible. There are many students who do not have an electronic device to complete their e-learning so our campuses are selling their desktops to our students for $25. For those students who do not want to purchase a desktop, we are handing out Chromebooks. Bottom line: we want to ensure that each student has the tools needed to be successful.

As a staff, we know that the population of students served at the Crossing tend to struggle when they have large amounts of unstructured, disengaged time. One of the reasons the Crossing has been successful is because of our engaged learning process.  Our students thrive when they have structured, hands on educational and job training time with their teachers. Our teachers are doing a great job of walking alongside our students and their families during this e-learning season. Our campuses are identifying students and families that may need a little extra support during this time. Whether it’s groceries, cleaning supplies, or prayer we believe it’s our job to fill in the gaps where needed.

Graduation will look different this year then it has in the past. Our staff are coming up with creative ways to make graduation special for all students and their families.  Some regions may have a drive in style and some may rent a jumbo tron and have graduation in a church parking lot. Regardless of the style of graduation, we want our graduates to have the most “normal” graduation possible. From all of our staff, we want to thank our community for all their support and encouragement during this difficult time.  We sincerely miss our students and look forward to the day when we can be together again as a group.


Rob Staley

Founder & CEO