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Meet Our Regional Director – Carmen Flores

By February 7, 2018No Comments

Carmen Flores!   I’ve been married to Ernesto for 26 years and we have two daughters (Victoria, 22 and Veronica, 20). We live in Winona Lake Indiana and enjoy our community’s walking and biking trails in the spring, summer, and fall.  I enjoy cooking but not cleaning up and I really enjoy reading, watching TV, and sleep. I enjoy supporting and helping our fabulous staff who are spending their lives investing in these precious kids. My whole life is an act of worship which is why I am passionate about fulfilling the Crossing’s mission. I am responsible to steward the gifts God gave me and when I found The Crossing, it was immediately clear to me that this school’s mission fills a critical need in our communities: empowering struggling students as they grow academically, vocationally and spiritually.  Our students struggle through many obstacles, many of which they did not choose.  I too, struggled through difficulties I did not choose. I endured sexual abuse from age 6-16 which has shaped who I have become in almost all areas of my life. My time at the Crossing has shown me that God grows wisdom over time and with experience. I’m privileged to use the wisdom that God has grown in me through my past experiences as a Christian school teacher and administrator for 15 years before coming to the Crossing. I love working with my various campus staffs and my fellow Regional Directors. We are a great team and I love being part of it!]]>