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A New Model – Note from Rob Staley

By February 8, 2018No Comments

apable pace within the support system they need to thrive.  In addition, our job training program is state of the art.  Students are receiving the hands-on training they need to prepare them for their future careers. I am excited to share with you the new model we have developed that allows our students to earn their academic credits, participate in character education and receive on-site job training within an established business in your local community.  We have begun facilitating schools in local businesses where students spend half day in the classroom and half day on the floor of the business.  Students are working with a mentor who is helping them learn on the job. We have found this model to be extremely successful not just for students but for the businesses as well. Students are learning soft skills they can take with them to any career as well as job specific skills.  Businesses are reporting to us that they are seeing an improvement in their overall business culture due to the relationships being built between employees and students. We are grateful for the partnership of Thor Motor Coach, Gaylor Electric, Master Spas Hot Tubs, and Jasper Plastics who have opened their doors to our students to empower them and assist in preparing them for their future.  Business and industry leaders have taken note of our students and have chosen to both endorse and employ them. This new satellite model is also allowing us to expand the services we offer to public schools, providing opportunities to students through the 12 career pathways which helps prepare them for their future career. Public School Superintendents are discussing how we can supplement the needs of their students through this program. Because of your continued support and the support of the businesses in your community, our students are being empowered to pursue meaningful employment, post-secondary education, or entrepreneurship while working towards their high school diploma. According to a recent survey of our graduates, 87% have found meaningful employment or are currently attending college. We are in awe of God’s continued favor on our organization through the communities we serve.  We continue to be encouraged by your support.  You play an important role in making it possible for God to use us to transform the lives of our students and for that we thank you. If you know of a business who has a passion for giving back to their community and desires to develop a model of hiring trained workers, please call us at 574-226-0671 or email at We will contact them to discuss the possibility of facilitating a Crossing satellite location within their business. In Him, Rob Staley Founder and CEO              ]]>