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Meet Our Regional Director – Nate Judd

By February 6, 2018No Comments

Nate Judd!   I have been married to my wife, Tara, for 16 years. We have 3 boys and recently relocated to Plymouth. I have a background in Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing Concepts, 5S, and Leadership. I have run several of my own small businesses, and we currently breed Blue Great Danes. I suffered tragic loss my senior year in high school, unfortunately that led me down a destructive path of addiction and selfishness. Through the unconditional love of my wife and the saving Grace of God I have been Redeemed. I was raised to be a very hard working self sufficient individual, I commonly worked my way up in companies by building great Teams. I had to learn some hard lessons in order to not be “In Control” of everything. Networking for students, building relationship with students, learning what they want to do after high school and helping them find a job are all reasons I love working at the Crossing. We are all broken, someone stood in the gap in my brokenness and petitioned God. I want to stand in the gap and challenge students thought processes to turn their heart toward God. I also want to show them how life can be different from what they think is normal. Working at the Crossing has completely changed my life; I am a different husband, father and Christ Follower because of the things I have learned. It has drawn me closer to God making me completely dependent on Him.]]>