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Butler Campus Gets a Makeover

By January 21, 2013No Comments

Butler Crossing Campus MakeoverThe Butler Crossing received a huge blessing over break. The Butler Early Education  Center (B.E.E.) gave our humble building an extreme makeover. They completely redid our Family Time room to make it feel like a real family room complete with slip covers on our couches, pillows everywhere, rugs on the floor, personalized pictures of the students on the walls, and even a bubbling fish tank.  They repainted one of our walls red giving us an accent wall and then restenciled our Crossing commandments very beautifully. We have potpourri everywhere adding to the pleasant aroma. They redid our bathroom, adding homey features with rugs and pictures on the wall.  In our kitchenette, they added rugs, plates with matching cups, and decorative pieces on the wall. They hand wrote every student a personalized Christmas card, and then presented all of us with $120 in Subway gift cards.  Every one of our 5 senses has been rejuvenated with this makeover.  Our students absolutely love it and truly feel loved and blessed.  The atmosphere in our building is so pleasant, and the students have been doing well keeping it nice. Our students have come up with some wonderful ideas to express our appreciation and gratitude to the B.E.E. which will focus on the children. We are excited to get the thank you celebration all planned and presented!  ]]>