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Kokomo Hits the Ski Slopes

By January 18, 2013No Comments

Chereese My name is Chereese and I went on a ski trip in Michigan. We skied at Nubs Nobs.  I tried out snowboarding and it was very hard. It was very scary and difficult to learn. I met other students from the other campuses. The scenery there was very beautiful at the lodge.  I think that I would like to try skiing if I ever went on a trip like that again. I appreciated the opportunity to be able to try new things and go on trips. Crossing Ski Trip Kelsey I went on a ski trip to Nubs Nob in northern Michigan.  It was the first time I had ever gone skiing.  The first day we went to the ski resort I went snowboarding and it wasn’t easy at all so I changed to skis and it was a lot easier. There were a lot of big hills and runs I didn’t do the first day because they looked too hard and scary to do on a snowboard.  After I switched to skis I went down slopes and I had a lot of fun.  We stayed in a cabin that was on the resort; you could see all the hills and lights from our window.  It looked really cool, especially at night time when all the lights were on. I’m glad I went on the ski trip and I would like to do it again. Crossing Ski Trip Quinton When I went to Michigan to Nubs Nob, I had so much fun.  It was the first time I have ever went skiing. It was the most fun I have ever had in my life. I would love to go back and try snowboarding. Since it was my first time I was a little scared but I got over it. Then I started getting good at grinding; I got good at it so I video taped my run. Then I met up with Mr. Weaver and we went down the steep hills and I was really scared. It was the best trip I have ever been on with the Crossing, and I would love to go again.

Crossing Ski Trip