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God's Work in Haiti Continues.

By April 4, 2009No Comments

One word can summarize the excitement of the day- EEEK! While digging in the newly tilled garden, a very large tarantula crawled out. We took pictures and screamed and took more pictures. In addition to a tarantula, a snake, many lizards, and other bugs were found. What a fun day!
Raph was feeling much better and spent the day working in the office. We decided it was best to keep him out of the sun. Tim found a young, sick girl and spent most of the day holding and caring for her. He was able to give her some Pedialyte, a sandwich, and most of all, a glimpse of Christ’s love. Each of us helped in the garden for a period of time.
The team is doing very well and getting along wonderfully. Kristie has been asked to speak at church in the morning.
We are having a wonderful time! Thank you so much for your continued prayers!
The Group in Haiti
-The Team in Haiti