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The Haiti team is home! After a long day of travel, we have safely arrived back to our houses. We are each looking forward to some of the comforts from home: familiar meals, hugs and kisses from children, and comfortable beds. On Monday we went to a beach resort. It was a beautiful day to swim at the beach, snorkel, and just hang out. The team even was surprised by some French fries on the buffet lunch! A real treat for some. There are many feelings to reflect about the trip. As a leader, I can only say how proud I am of Tim and Raphael. They were such a wonderful representation of The Crossing and Christ’s love to all. They flexed into whatever the situation required. They shared life with a team of strangers and accepted them all. Tim really showed love to so many children. Whether he was playing soccer, wrestling around, or just holding one on his lap, the children felt loved by Tim. Raphael meshed well with the translators and team members. He remained calm, did whatever was asked, and was a joy to be around. Both guys really did an amazing job. This Haiti team will meet a few more times to finish up some end of trip business. We will keep you informed (and post a lot of pictures) as we finish up this journey. Thank you so much for your prayers and support while we were gone.]]>