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Following Group In Haiti

By April 2, 2009No Comments

The team has safely arrived in Haiti! The 86 degree weather was a pleasant welcome off the plane! Raph and Tim are already doing a wonderful job serving the team. They have quickly found their footing in a new country with new people and new experiences. The travel day went without trouble. The drive back to the pastor’s house allowed us to see the US Embassy, the UN building, people on the streets (and cows for that matter), and the other sites of Port-au-Prince. At the house we had dinner of beets and cabbage salad, rice, plantains, and barbeque chicken. Even though it was only 8:00, everyone was starting to get tired, the mosquitos were coming out, and it was getting really dark. On Wednesday we spent the day at the school. Raph and Tim were both in their element. Tim spent the entire day surrounded by children. He entertained them and they entertained him. Raph served in a couple areas and seemed to connect with the translators. Both guys are doing a wonderful job serving, connecting, and having fun!]]>