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A Note from the Chief School Officer-Ryan Hill

By April 25, 2019No Comments

The Crossing is entering the fourth quarter of another successful school year!  We are thrilled to share with you the tremendous success we’ve had with our 2018-2019 strategic plan. This year we took additional steps to solidify ourselves in the marketplace as a School of Business & Entrepreneurship versus an “alternative school”.  While our core competency will always be serving struggling students who require a non-traditional setting, we recognized several years ago that in order to adequately prepare students for the workforce, we would need to implement a fully realized job training program in keeping with Rob’s original vision for the Crossing. This year, we set our sights on “Major in Career Pathways” which is simply an edu-speak term for “workforce readiness.” Years of experience within education has taught us that student’s soft skills and leadership skills are critical competencies necessary for long-term success, therefore we have  re-prioritized them as goals. Primarily, we focus on developing each students’ soft skills and leadership skills, as we believe these to be the critical competencies needed for an individual to experience long-term success in the workforce. We are pleased to report that we accomplished our goal! A majority of our students are now participating in a career pathway. Of our 21 locations, 7 are co-located Satellite sites and 5 are Entrepreneurial Training Centers. This means the majority of our locations have shifted to the School of Business and Entrepreneurship model.  Most Importantly, 75% of graduates from our Satellite sites are hired by the host employer upon graduation. In short, we are making a huge impact on YOUR future workforce in keeping with Indiana’s 2019 Next Level Agenda by:

  1. Introducing every high school student to different career pathways with a course that helps them prepare for post-secondary options
  2. Give schools more flexibility to develop partnerships with employers and higher education.   
We can’t wait for you to report back to us when graduates are successfully working and providing leadership within your companies! For our supporters who partner with us because we are passionate about teaching our students a moral compass through biblical principles, we see our school-to-work programs as instrumental in this process.  We find that by working alongside students through manual labor or by gathering kids around a boardroom table to solve complex business challenges, we are able to teach and demonstrate biblical and leadership concepts effectively marking a very exciting evolution in our model! Thank you for sharing in this mission of empowering struggling students to become contributing members of YOUR communities through academics, career pathways, and faith-based character education. Ryan Hill, Chief School Officer          ]]>