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A Note From The CEO – Rob Staley

By May 15, 2018No Comments

As we come to the end of this school year, we are once again preparing to celebrate our graduates, sending them off to pursue their dreams equipped with an awareness of God, job skills and an academic diploma.  We have celebrated over 550 graduates in the last two years and witnessed their success in the job market. We are extremely proud of our students who have often overcome incredible obstacles already in their lives. They are truly amazing individuals who just needed hope and a purpose.  Our staff, board members, volunteers and donors have stepped into that gap to provide the support our students need to help pull them through the obstacles they face. Working with our students continues to challenge us to learn and grow as an organization, developing new programs to help our students become successful in life.

   Our post graduation data shows that 87% of our graduates are working or in college

9.8% are attending college

59.5% found meaningful employment

1.1% are in the military

15% are in college and working

This school year brought about a change in the Crossing model through our Satellite locations; schools located within local businesses where students work in the classroom and with a mentor on the floor of the business. We have seen incredible success this year through this model. Our students are growing and learning what their true potential is in ways they have not been able to before. Our business partners are seeing a positive change in the morale of their employees as a result of working directly with our students. Many businesses across the state are stepping up to partner with us, opening new satellite locations and new opportunities for our students to learn and grow.  We will continue to work with state legislators, local public schools and businesses to provide a variety of career path training options for students across the state. We are excited to see how God is going to continue to use this model throughout the state as we begin to plan for the next school year. If you know of a business who has a passion for giving back to their community and desires to develop a model of hiring trained workers, please call us at 574-226-0671 or email at We will contact them to discuss the possibility of facilitating a Crossing satellite location in their business. Thank you for your continued support of the Crossing and our mission. Without you, we would not have been able to meet our goal of students served this school year which has ultimately created an opportunity to teach them about Christ.          ]]>