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South Bend East Community Update

By May 24, 2013No Comments

photoOn Thursday, we had a staff versus students’ kickball game day. It was a beautiful day, and a fun time of laughter and competition. The staff won, of course, but the students put up a good fight! Malcolm, one of our students, cracked everyone up with his impersonation of a horse by galloping all around the base complete with clapping his hand to simulate the sound of the hooves. Mr. Smith, a staff member from South Bend West, got hit in the face by a fly ball. That had everyone rolling on the floor. Mostly it was great just for everyone to be in the newly warm outdoors together having fun. This week in Family Time, we have been talking about the difference between knowledge and wisdom. We have been encouraging the students to listen to wise advice even if they tend to feel like they are the only ones going through a certain situation. Then, on Friday, we gave students the opportunity to present some problems they are going through, and we worked together as a family to problem solve and come up with some helpful solutions. The students really took advantage of this opportunity and brought up some very hard, but real issues for us to begin to work through together.]]>