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South Bend South Campus Update

By May 20, 2013No Comments

RiverParkDaysWhat a fun, summery week we have had at South Bend South. It has been beautiful outside, and inside, the students are making things look great, too. This time of year tends to bring out a pleasant, joyful side in people, and we have seen that in the classroom atmosphere. Though schoolwork is definitely getting done, we are also really enjoying the Crossing family. On Thursday, all four of the South Bend campuses met at a local field to play kickball. The sun was hot, but we enjoyed the afternoon of home runs, skipping/galloping to bases, and the occasional, harmless banter between teams. Students were able to earn PE hours, and we simply had a good time. We love these gorgeous, sunny days! Over the weekend, we had another opportunity to come together in South Bend. We joined the South Bend East campus for River Park Days, a day of fun and fellowship for the surrounding community. We took the opportunity to meet people and introduce the Crossing to local families who might benefit from our program. Students joined with teachers to walk the streets, passing out fliers and sharing about the Crossing. We also helped run inflatable games for the kids, and we had the chance to enjoy some great hot dogs and other treats together. It has been a really enjoyable week – not only because of the fun we have had, but also because of the students’ positive attitudes. We have had students step up and speak to others about getting to work. Many have joined us outside of school for these great events, and they have been excited to tell others about the Crossing. We love seeing their enthusiasm and energy – it is simply infectious. With only about three weeks left, a focus on academics is extremely important. We have been excited to see students finishing credits and working steadily to wrap up the year well. It will feel like a whirlwind in the next few weeks as we have more events and more opportunities, but we are thankful for the energy that the students bring. We are ready to make these next three weeks count, and we are excited to see the success ahead.]]>