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A Jammin’ Good Time

By January 25, 2013No Comments

Ligonier campus goes to a concert Excitement continued to grow as the time drew closer to be let into the concert. Due to health reasons of one of the staff’s family members, fifteen minutes before entry time, everyone from the group was let in at a different entrance, which granted everyone access to great seats! Ligonier campus goes to a concert It was a “Jammin” good time for Crossing staff, their families, and students. On Sunday, January 20, 2013, three Crossing students, two youth group students, Mrs. Ownbey, Nate Lowe’s family, and Mr. Shaw’s family attended the annual WINTER JAM 2013 TOUR, a large concert with many well-known Christian artists. This year artists included Tobymac, Jamie Grace, Red, Matthew West, Newsong, Sidewalk Prophets, Royal Tailor, Capital Kings, Jason Castro, OBB, and speaker Nick Hall. Everyone seemed to have their favorite artists that they were waiting to hear from. Ligonier campus goes to a concert Although there was great music, an awesome light show, and hot fireballs, there was something more to it and deeper than the production: the message that was proclaimed through the lyrics and the speakers and the relationship built with students was life-changing! Students all across the arena made decisions for Christ, but it didn’t only affect those around us, it changed those in the Crossing group as well. The students were anxious to get their own Bible, which were offered for free at the Jam, and were moved by the stories told. Teachers were able to talk to and continue to build a deeper relationship with these students due to the door that had been opened by the message spoken. Spending time with students impacts lives and opens doors for Christ’s love to be spoken and seen.

Winter Jam 2013 left a life changing mark on the hearts of all who attended!