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Kokomo Family Night and Student Initiation

By December 17, 2012No Comments

Kalia shares about her experience at the Kokomo family night: Student shares during Family Night in KokomoI had the opportunity to share my testimony at the Family Night in Kokomo. The Crossing has been a huge motivator for me. It has opened up the door for me to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. The Crossing has helped my relationship with him by having family time and open discussions about God. The teachers help me with my academics by motivating me to keep going. I have received four credits already these nine weeks. I have earned a total of six credits in the short amount of time that I have been here. All the teachers are great here, but there is one teacher I have grown closest to. Mrs. Querry has really put in extra effort trying to understand me and what I have gone through. She helps me so much in and outside of school. Before the Crossing, my relationship with God was struggling. I was in two youth detention placements. Before that, I was deeply living in the drug culture. I tried to start living for God at one of the placements. They talked about him a lot. But, when I switched to the other one, I fell away. Then I started coming to the Crossing, and they helped me realize where my faith had gone. I started following his lead again. Without the Crossing, I really do not know what I would be doing right now. I thank God he led me here. And Joey shares about the student initiation event which took place: Kokomo Initiation 01Initiation night went very well in Kokomo. It had great attendance and high energy. I think that after leaving, people definitely felt more welcomed into the Crossing family. It was fun and meaningful for everyone. It was the perfect combination of music, food, and campfire, and meaningful activities to make everyone there feel welcome. I think one of the most exciting things by far would have to be the bracelet ceremony. It was fun and very memorable. It really solidified the bonds between the students. Everyone was so excited and moved. I am thankful no one was burned by the bands or the blazing fire. After initiation night was all said and done, our bonds still remain as strong as they were that night. Whether that means helping someone on a test that they are struggling with or giving someone a ride to school, we are committed to support each other and hold each other accountable to accomplish our vision. It all shows that we are truly a family of the Crossing. Kokomo Initiation 03 Kokomo Initiation 02]]>