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South Bend South Integrates New Students

Wall of Earned Credits at South Bend South Each time a student ears a credit they post a cartoon celebrating his/her success![/caption] It is hard to believe that we only have two weeks left in the quarter! The South Bend South campus continues to work toward earning credits and finishing up the year well. We have had a great week, and it is encouraging to see our students work through the potential restlessness of the end of a quarter. It has also been encouraging to see some of our newer students contribute positively to the atmosphere of our classroom. Abbi: Abbi came to us about three weeks ago. She has been a great member of our group. She works independently in class and is very close to finishing up her first credit with us. Outside of the classroom, Abbi also speaks up in Family Time discussions. She even came to last week’s Family Night with her older sister. We are proud of Abbi for her work ethic, and we are excited to see her earn this first credit! Kayla: Kayla is another new student who seems to be buying into the Crossing culture. Not only does she work well in the classroom, but Kayla also expresses interest in activities outside of school. Like Abbi, she brought her family to our Family Night and contributed to the evening’s discussion. Kayla is fairly quiet, but she is showing great progress. We are so glad to have her with us! This past week, we have had several opportunities to see our students work hard in their classes. We wrapped up our ECA remediation, and the tests are coming up this week. The preparation for the tests has not always been fun, but our students have persevered through the last few weeks. We are excited about the effort they have put forth, and we are proud of our students. We look forward to another week!]]>