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Family Night in Fort Wayne

By December 5, 2012No Comments

Family Night at the Fort Wayne Crossing Campus

Family Night at the Fort Wayne Crossing keeps getting bigger and better. As we sat down for one of our quarterly gatherings, the place was packed with just over 100 staff, students, family members, and volunteers. It was the largest Family Night Fort Wayne has had to date. To start the night off, our choir performed “Don’t Stop Believing” with solos by students Tristan and Kaylei. The choir has been working hard, earning a credit for their efforts. We are so proud of the accomplishments of our students. Being able to showcase their talents brought joy to our staff and to all watching the performance. Dinner was provided by some local volunteers. We’re encouraged by individuals who will offer to feed a hundred people so we can enjoy quality time together! After dinner, we continued to engage with one another. Basketball pick-up games and karaoke gave opportunities for people to either participate or be entertained. Some mentors of our students were grateful to have another opportunity to hang out. Students invited their best friends and even their internship supervisors. Members of the board of the Crossing in Fort Wayne came, bringing desserts. It was an eclectic group and a thoroughly good time. We’re thankful for these times together and love seeing them gain momentum with each quarter.]]>