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Student working at computer in South Bend SouthThis week at South Bend’s south campus, we have continued to work toward building our family. We talked a lot about violence – how it starts, why it seems like an incurable disease, and how to be a part of ending the cycle. Our group had varying opinions and perspectives on these issues of violence and dealing with conflict. It was encouraging to see our students discuss these heavy topics. They voiced their own thoughts, and we continued to work on listening to others’ ideas.

We also had time to build into our individual families during Family Night this past week. Students and families gathered together for dinner and discussion, and it was a great time to be together. We have great students, but we also have incredible families behind them.

We had a special group help us with this quarter’s Family Night. Martha Byler, a long-time supporter of the Crossing, brought a few women from a group that she leads called Life Lessons to be a part of the evening. These ladies not only helped with food and preparation, but they also spent the evening getting to know the families. They are preparing a dinner for mothers of South Bend Crossing students later this month, and we are excited to see this connection continue.

As we look at the three remaining weeks of the quarter, we are looking forward to working diligently. Our students have been finishing classes little by little, yet some are still struggling to stay motivated until the end. We are working with them to see as much success as possible for each student. With just fifteen school days left, we are taking advantage of each chance we have to get closer to our students’ goals.