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Weekly Update for South Bend South

By November 20, 2012No Comments

Leadership students planning Family Day[/caption] What a week it’s been at the South Bend South campus! We’ve been busy working on classes, planning for upcoming events, and even preparing for debates. It has been a great week to see our students come alive, and we’re proud of the work they put in these last few days. In Family Time this week, we learned the importance of civil discourse. Unfortunately, we often see arguments and conflict dealt with in a negative way. To practice a healthy way of presenting opinions, we asked our students to participate in debates this week. Each student was a part of team that had to defend his or her side of a given topic. We discussed the death penalty, celebrities and crime, television intake for children and same-sex schools. Before the debates, students met with their teams to create their arguments. They all gathered great support and examples, and we were more than pleased with the outcome. Though this was not necessarily a familiar model to many of our students, they did a great job supporting their arguments and expressing themselves. Our upcoming week is a short one. Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, and we realize how quickly the quarter is flying by. We’re excited for Wednesday this week because the leadership students are leading a “Family Day” for our campus. These students have been planning a day of community building games and some discussion time. We’re looking forward to this next week, some activities coming up, and a short break to rest with each of our families.]]>