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Berne Community Update

Intro: A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to talk to a local church who was interested in assisting our school ministry. This church has a working jail ministry and is interested in investing into our school as well. They are so encouraged by the Crossing vision and mission that they would like to provide spiritual mentors and male role models. Student Highlights: Kane Sumner and Austin Baumgatner, completed their first credits very early on this quarter. Amanda Ineichen was able to stay focused on her work though she had a lot of personal drama at home. Blake is working hard and finished his unit one test very quickly and is moving well through his materials. He is a student with an IEP and has shown endurance. Kane, Jared, and Blake are working well as a team when they play basketball.  ]]>

School Closings and Delays for January 26, 2021:
Berne Campus – Closed
Elkhart County ETC – Closed
Fort Wayne Campus – Closed
Fort Wayne Master Spas – Closed
Marshall County Campus – Closed
Please watch our Update video HERE

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