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South Bend North Crossing

By September 19, 2012No Comments

SBN News and Notes

South Bend North had a great week, yet a disappointing week at the same time. We saw some new faces, and also said goodbye to one student and one of our teachers. DeShawn, Gabrielle and Anthony have joined the SB North family. Gabrielle and Anthony are here to make a final push to graduation, both of them needing less than 5 credits! We are happy to have them and look forward to what they bring to our class. DeShawn returned to us this year, a little later than desired, but he is back and we are glad! Devon and his family have decided to give public school a try. Devon has not attended a public high school and the family wants to explore what his best options are. Devon has been a lot of fun and a great addition to our class. We will miss him, but expect to hear great things about him as he gets settled. Mr. Smith has been a vital part of our team here at the North campus. We are sad to see him go, but wish him the best in his new adventures.

Skyler is working through some struggles outside of school right now and has missed some school. He is trying to figure out how to work cooperatively with his parents so he can return and get back on track with his classes. We have seen huge growth in Skyler this year compared to last year. He is stepping up as a leader in the classroom and making a lot of positive changes in his life. Our hope is that he carries those things into all areas of life. Jay continues to push through some inner struggles. He desires success and making positive changes; however, there are still days that he slips into his former ways. He has made a lot of progress and we can see his brain working as he processes the choices he makes. We are anticipating some difficulty for Jay in the near future due to his connections with Mr. Smith and Devon. We will support him a little bit more than usual as he moves forward without two people that he has been close with. Jay will excel and do well here; we are confident of this. Christie finished her Geometry A class this week and was so proud of herself. She has been working so hard; and after 3 years, she earned herself an A in the class. She needs one more math class and two P.E. credits for graduation! It has been a joy to watch her come in and push herself as hard as she does! Erin Palladay Campus Leader South Bend North Crossing Educational Center]]>