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Weekend Warriors

By August 29, 2012No Comments

Weekend Warriors By: John Cook, Kokomo Crossing Student

The weekend of August 9th we went and cut down trees and cut up fire wood. We made mulch and new friends. The Crossing made an impact on the work at Cedar Lake Camp grounds. The work we did would’ve taken two men a couple weeks to complete. We got to work hard and it paid off in the end. We had a place to lay our heads and food to put in our stomachs. The trip was well worth the good conscience it left in our heads. We as a group of young men all came together to accomplish a goal.

I personally enjoyed the trip in a multitude of ways. It allowed me to really work hard and give it my all. We showed the Camp how much the Crossing has impacted our lives as students and as individuals. I got a chance to have some one-on-one time with another student who came from a completely different background than I did. We put a tremendous effort into our work as a whole group and some did individually. I want to personally thank the camp for allowing us to come up and do the work we accomplished. We also got to play after we worked so hard. The water was perfect there. I swam a couple of times. I wish I would have been able to spend more time there as an individual or even as a group. The food was so amazing. We got to eat off a small buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had a wonderful experience.