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School has started at The Crossing Educational Center

By August 3, 2012No Comments

By Meghann Reilly, News Producer Remember when you didn’t have to send the kids back to school until after Labor Day? Not anymore. Just ask the students and staff at The Crossing Educational Center in Elkhart. They are already back in school. In fact they started LAST WEDNESDAY! The Center runs on what’s called a “balanced” schedule. They have five weeks off in the summer… then go to school for 45-days and have 15-day breaks. “Our kids are ready to come back to school. There isn’t any doubt about it, ” said The Crossing Educational Center’s Rob Staley. “We have more trouble at the end of the school year when other schools are out… and it’s nice and the weather’s nice and they want to get out of school.” The Crossing gives struggling students a second chance at successes. The school focuses on academics AND leadership skills!]]>