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"The Crossing" Students Share Positive Experiences with EACS Board of Trustees

Students from The Crossing,” an Alternative school approved by the Board last year for EACS students, had an opportunity to speak directly to the board regarding their experiences at the school. Four students spoke and all students mentioned how The Crossing has changed their lives and each student thanked the Board for their approval of the school. All the students that spoke were on track to graduate during 2010. The Crossing’s mission is ‘transforming lives through education by focusing on the heart and mind’. For more information on The Crossing, go to Posted on]]>

The Following Schools are Closed or Delayed for Friday, February 25, 2022:
Berne Campus – 2 Hour Delay
Fort Wayne Campus – 2 Hour Delay
Fort Wayne Master Spas Campus – 2 Hour Delay
Marshall County Campus – 2 Hour Delay

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