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Automotive Design Class

By January 15, 2010No Comments

L with a MSD distributor. This will net some great horses for a street machine. We cut the full floor section out of a 4 -door hardtop which eliminates the “B” pillar and welded it in place of the original floor. Gavin Dubois, a senior at the Butler Crossing, is seen in pictures here welding the frame together. The frame is completely disassembled, and Nick Johnston, another senior, is doing the sandblasting outside of class at another shop close to his home. We will be fabricating our own trailing arms for the rear axle to beef up the rear end so the posi-track will have a lot to hold on to as it pushes the car through acceleration. Air bags in the coil springs will allow the car to be raised enough for highway driving but low enough to have the proper stance for hole-shots at the lights on Coliseum Blvd, not that anyone would ever do that. A lot has been done to lighten but strengthen the car. Tonight we will be forming the fiberglass bumpers that will replace the massive and extremely heavy originals. Most of the ornamental original chrome will go back on the car. Finished in black on the bottom an silver on the top with black, white and yellow interior (already prepared) should make a real show machine. Don Riley, Butler Crossing]]>