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Are you Leading or Sheepwalking?

By March 7, 2009No Comments

I just finished reading TRIBES, and Wild Goose Chase, and it was once again confirmed that the success of all organizations depends on the level of leadership. Furthermore, as leaders, we must figure out how to develop multiple leaders to create excitement, energy, passion, and a willingness to determine how we can be better tomorrow than we are today.

“So many people are Sheepwalking”

Seth Godin in TRIBES says, “If your goal is to make change, it’s foolish to try to change the worldview of the majority if the majority is focused on maintaining the status quo. The opportunity is to carve out a new tribe, to find the rabble-rousers and change lovers who are seeking new leadership and run with them instead.” It just appears that we have so many people who are “sheepwalking,” trying to follow all the rules and doing brain-dead jobs with the organization giving them enough fear to stay in line. I am having the time of my life hiring people who live life with a passion and are begging for leadership development. They are willing to go the extra mile, and they don’t talk about money or time; they just love kids and are willing to do what it takes to get the job done. It has taken us some time and strategic planning to figure out who fits our educational model, but we are clearly on pace for finding the type of person that gets the picture that we are trying to paint. Leadership students sitting around the fire staying warm.

They Need a REAL Challenge!

It appears there are more and more students who are choosing not to be SHEEPWALKERS. They have a tendency to refuse to follow all the rules because they are leaders that are bored with the traditional system. They need challenges through adventure, excitement, individual attention and someone to love them unconditionally despite their bone-head decisions. I am amazed at how incredibly strong these leaders are, and they have never been empowered because their behaviors are always interfering with the ability to lead. Leadership development is one of the Crossing’s four core areas. We are proud that we have some of the strongest leaders and brightest students that have never reached their potential due to lack of guidance at home and unconditional love and grace from the community. We have developed an excellent leadership training program for our students which includes classroom training and leadership adventure trips to practice our leadership skills.

Our Students Will Run the City

Our ultimate goal is to train students to “run the city.” With their untapped potential and our ability to train, we are excited about how our students are going to challenge the process in this world and transform organizations through leading.]]>