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Success Stories

"This is Too Hard"

By March 4, 2009No Comments

This…is…just…too…hard!” It means “I quit.” It means “I’m tired of fighting.” It means giving another ounce of effort is just not worth it. We have all been there. We have all failed, and failure has a terrifying roar—a roar that paralyzes its target. This paralysis can be for a few seconds or for many years. But we have found that “this is too hard” is not the exclamation mark for our adversity, is it? It is not the end, it is the beginning. We are about to realize that we have more in us than we think we do. It is the beginning of rediscovering who we are. We are overcomers, conquerors, and warriors. “This is too hard” is the enemy, and we are freedom-fighters fighting for the freedom of our dreams and hearts. We realize that “this is too hard” is a direct attack on our dreams—an attempt to discourage our hearts. We owe it to ourselves to protect our dreams and hearts at all times, no matter what the cost. So, adversity may come when we are at school in front of a computer or while running on a track in the early morning while training for a local marathon. Whenever the temptation comes to say “This…is…just…too…hard,” remember, you are an overcomer, and you are about to find out that you have more in you than you thought. The Crossing…a family of overcomers! Steve Reynolds ]]>