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Volunteer Opportunity

By February 21, 2009No Comments

Tutoring students individually during the school day. Many students just need a person to help them process the content on the computer. Their learning style is wanting to talk about the content and needing someone to help organize their thoughts. 2. Reading assigned novels individually with students as they fulfill their English credits. 3. Taking food to the campus and providing a lunch between sessions. This often looks like a crock-pot with food, making sandwiches, soup, etc. Any food is appreciated for our students who often do not eat well. 4. Maintenance support – we always have cleaning, painting, and minor repairs that are needed. 5. Financial support – many students are falling short of paying their tuition due to difficult financial times. Many volunteers have assisted in supporting a student. 6. Office assistance – we are in need of a committed volunteer to answer the phone for half a day. This may include a few different people rotating hours or days. We also often have a need to make multiple copies of documents on our copy machine. If you are interested in being a volunteer at the Crossing, whether one hour a week or month, please complete the attached document and mail, email, or fax to our Corporate Office. You will hear back from us on approval based on references and a background check within one week. Thank you for considering this worthy request of allowing God to use you at the Crossing. Click Here for Volunteer Application]]>