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Changes Can Happen

By February 17, 2009No Comments

They are gutsy, gritty, outspoken, distracted, and distractible children, often with children of their own. They will not admit it, but they are strongly handicapped by their lifestyle of impulse and extremes.

A great big chocolate chip cookie!

One of our young men has been a smoker since he was 12, and openly admits to pot smoking and some drug abuse. Okay, maybe you are not impressed. In Seven Habits Class, Karen asked him what he could reward himself with if he were to quit smoking. His response, believe it or not, “a great big chocolate chip cookie!” Monday our smoker came in, and casually told Karen that he had gone four days without a cigarette! Tuesday Karen presented him with a whole batch of home-made chocolate chip cookies!

Six-year smoker commits to a smoke-free lifestyle!

The conclusion of the matter: We celebrated the future realizing the health implications of clean air in the lungs and marked it with a celebration, good, nice, ok…wonderful. If a six-year smoker commits to a smoke-free lifestyle, wonder if you will for just a moment…what else might be going on in that head and heart, what else is he picking up in family time and in the relationship we have developed with him? We love our kids, and we are more than a school; we live life with our kids.]]>