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Steadily Climbing Enrollment!

By February 11, 2009No Comments

Enrollment has been steadily climbing and our two classrooms have become increasingly crowded. We presented the students with this problem during one of our family time sessions and they brainstormed some great solutions. They suggested that we take an empty room in our building and transform it into a third classroom, splitting up our current classes to create more breathing room.

Great improvement in classroom environment since the change

With our student leaders stepping up and leading the charge, we have done just that. We rounded up additional computers, divided up students with their teachers of record and created a new classroom. Our ratios have remained the same (about 1:5), but we have seen great improvement in classroom environment since the change. Our students have benefited from a quieter, less crowded atmosphere and they are accomplishing some serious schoolwork.

Prepared to serve an even greater number of students

We are so grateful for the incredible students we have at The Crossing. While many kids rebel against change, our teens took the bull by the horns and led the way to positive transformation. Because of the maturity they displayed, we are now prepared to serve an even greater number of students. We say, bring ‘em on.]]>