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Crossing Leadership Academy Taking New Shape

By February 10, 2009No Comments

For the last two years, the Crossing has contracted with U-Lead in facilitating our leadership training program. U-Lead has done an incredible job and has modeled a great program that the Crossing is now going to run with our newly hired facilitator Becca Bunton. Becca has served in several capacities at the Crossing and has worked very hard at creating two levels of leadership training including the Boot Camp for beginners and IGNITE for advanced leaders. Leadership development is one of the four core areas of the Crossing. Two times a month, the natural leaders from each campus are invited to participate in an adventure or training session to learn how to be a leader at the Crossing and ultimately, in the community. Adventure activities may include rope courses, kayak and canoe trips, hiking, leadership scavenger hikes, tobogganing, camping, rock wall climbing, etc. The training sessions included in the classroom are based on indoor team-building activities and content from a textbook called the Leadership Challenge. Students in the IGNITE advanced leadership program are also involved in shared decision making by meeting with their campus teachers on a monthly basis to assist in addressing campus problems or planning service projects.]]>

The Following Schools are Closed or Delayed for Friday, February 25, 2022:
Berne Campus – 2 Hour Delay
Fort Wayne Campus – 2 Hour Delay
Fort Wayne Master Spas Campus – 2 Hour Delay
Marshall County Campus – 2 Hour Delay

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