Crossing receives United Way Grant!

Crossing receives United Way Grant!

The Crossing Educational Center’s Entrepreneurial Training Center received a $30,000 grant from the United Way of Elkhart County to service Elkhart County’s most struggling youth.

The Entrepreneurial Training Center provides students with the hands-on operation and development of a micro-business. This vocational program develops the internal traits and dispositions of struggling youth to prepare them to be contributing members of the Elkhart County workforce after graduation. While working toward their high school diploma, students participating at the Entrepreneurial Center will receive vocational training in a highly structured Job Training Program (JTP). The Entrepreneurial Training Center will take the students to the next level by helping them transition their mindset from simple “employee” to potential business leader. By creating a fully operational lumber facility, which includes the creation of pallets, selling hardwoods, splitting and bundling firewood, and the selling of that firewood, students learn the back-office skills of accounting, marketing, clerical responsibilities, budgeting, and management.

With oversight from instructors, students are responsible for creating a business plan, recruiting and marketing for potential clients, evaluating supply/demand through inventory and purchasing, invoicing and processing payments, and virtually every aspect of operating the lumber facility. The Entrepreneurial Project will ultimately incorporate all of the JTP programs, and this currently includes the Xtreme Tree Service, WoodWorks, Office Team, Auto Tech, and Crossing Farm.

The Crossing Educational Center is an accredited, faith-based, alternative high school in the state of Indiana, focusing on students who have not been successful in a traditional school environment. The Crossing Educational Center has 18 campuses throughout the state of Indiana servicing over 1,000 students and currently contracts with over 45 Indiana public school corporations. The mission of The Crossing is to empower struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through academics, job-training and faith-based mentoring.

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