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New Schools in New Cities

By May 28, 2014No Comments

campus-map We are excited to welcome several new communities to the Crossing family for the 2014-2015 school year! This August, we will be opening four new Crossing campuses. These new campuses will be located in Marshall County (Plymouth), Starke County (Knox), Johnson County (South Indy), and Marion County (Indy Near East). At the Crossing, we help students graduate, but more than that we also focus on job training, life issues, and faith. Crossing students spend part of the day in the classroom and the rest of the day in the Job Training Program where they participate in internships, work teams, and run micro-businesses. Sprinkled throughout the school day is prayer, discussion about God, the Bible and spiritual guidance from adults and staff regarding life issues. With each new campus, we are able to reach even more teenagers who are struggling in life and need someone to give them another chance. It is important to recognize that our partnerships with local public schools are imperative. We work together to determine which students are struggling as well as those who have dropped out. Many of these students need the additional support that is given at the Crossing. We want to thank the following school districts who are helping to make the opening of these new schools possible through their partnership with the Crossing: Dekalb County Eastern Community School District Greenwood Community School Corporation Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation Union-North United School Corporation Argos Community Schools Plymouth Community School Corporation Triton School Corporation Rochester Community School Corporation Culver Community School Corporation Knox Community School Corporation John Glenn School Corporation North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation Eastern Pulaski School Corporation Oregon-Davis School Corporation Students who are interested in learning more about the Crossing campus coming to their area should complete the online intent to enroll form. After submitting the form, potential students will be contacted with upcoming enrollment and informational meetings to attend where they will learn more. In addition, upcoming meetings will be posted on the Crossing website. If you have questions, please contact our Corporate Office at (574) 226-0671.]]>