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Jenny's Girls

By February 3, 2015No Comments

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.14.14 PM Our mission at the Crossing can only reach its fullest potential when our volunteers accept the call to get involved. It doesn’t matter to what degree one gets involved, just that they do. We’ve seen individuals stop in once a month to help with paper work, while others stop in once a week to provide food for our students and to spend a little time with them. Occasionally we are blessed by individuals that want to do more. Jenny Welch wanted to do something that would afford her the opportunity to reach multiple girls at at time. She started small, initially mentoring 2-3 girls during the morning session. Over time, more girls became interested in being a part of Jenny’s group of ladies. What began as an effort to mentor a couple girls turned into a group of 8-10 meeting every Tuesday. The group has expanded beyond the morning session causing a need to schedule the group to overlap with the lunch hour allowing girls from morning and afternoon sessions a chance to experience the life-changing discussions happening within this girls group. Our students don’t have very many positive influences in their lives. Furthermore, they have even fewer people willing to fight for their lives. Jenny has chosen to fight for the lives of these young ladies by giving them a safe place to be real and to have honest girl-talk with someone who cares about them. Jenny’s efforts recently aligned with a study her church, Waypoint Community Church, was going through. They produced a video highlighting Jenny’s efforts at the Crossing. Please click the image above to see this wonderful caption of what’s been going on with Jenny and her girls. No matter how great or small, we need what you have to offer. Check out the Volunteer Section on our website to learn about ways you can answer the call to get involved.]]>