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We've got a new campus!

By January 21, 2015No Comments

For the first time ever the Crossing has opened a new campus mid school year! Beech Grove, IN (just southeast of Indy) is our new home and we are looking forward to learning how we can best serve their community. “After just one week, there’s an incredible amount of momentum surrounding the Beech Grove Crossing campus. On day 1, we opened the doors with 21 students and have added five since then. The new staff has embraced the challenge of opening a campus mid-year and have poured themselves out to serve these students. Week 1 was capped off with a campus trip to an Indiana Pacers game, in which students gladly chose to hang out with their teachers on a Friday night! Parents are already noticing positive changes in their children, and the students are finding that there’s something special about this place, though most of them say they ‘can’t explain what it is.’ Through excellent support from Beech Grove City Schools, we were given an excellent opportunity to succeed from Day 1. As our JTP work team has begun building walls at the campus, we hope to continue building relationships Good, Kevinwith our new students while working through life one day at a time, together.”   -Kevin Good, Region 5 South Administrator Welcome to the mission, Beech Grove, of transforming the lives of our youth! For information on the new campus, visit   [gallery ids="2389,2390,2391,2392"]]]>