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Student Shares from SB Spiritual Retreat

By February 27, 2014No Comments

CharizmaI have had a good experience at The Crossing. I love everything about it. The Crossing changed a lot about me. The Crossing helps you get your credits and graduate. I’m really lucky to have the credits that I have now. I have also been able to get more in touch with God. There have been a lot of activities that helped me with this. The biggest one was the Spiritual Retreat for the South Bend Campuses. The retreat was a big event. I really enjoyed it. At the retreat there were times where I actually felt that God was there. Being able to kneel down at the cross and having people that don’t know me pray for me really helped me. I would go to all of the retreats because you get in touch with God and can feel his presence. It was a time to think and talk to God. The Crossing is a really good school. My experience is a new one but this is the school I want to graduate from! – Charizma Y., South Bend Central Campus]]>