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Kokomo Student Raps about Pain and Change

By February 21, 2014No Comments

Yeah, i’ve been in and out of trouble since i was 13. Livin this life is like livin a sick dream, I was a sick teen, in and out of the streets. i was 15 the day that my sister died, i was lost in time, i didn’t know Christ, i started losin my life. I was losin my mind, i’m supprized im even alive. And even with that i never realized. So this is my situation, i lost all hope that i had inside, i was livin a lie. When i was young my father left me to die. He didn’t want to even be in my life, cause he was also livin that life. Then i got taken away, put in a cage, just rotten and watchin my days just get faded away. But that day i realized that God is here to take away my pain and open my eyes to live another day. So i got saved and turned around my life, now i’m livin it right. See, Christ is here for every single one of us, he bled for us, died for us and now he wants to bless for us. I thought what i did was unforgivable, unforgetable But those thoughts were just irrational. So now im changin up my ways, stayin clean and stayin away. Just remember to Satan your life is just a game, but to Jesus it ain’t, you just gotta have faith. I turned around my life, i know im not saint. But i can ask for forgivness and get saved. Christ is in this world and we all need em. Goin without em is like goin without freedom, so put up your hands and fall to your knees, you gotta know God to set your soul free. I used to be the same way. I like my life an I wanted it my way, but is it worth gettin casted away, put in the flames, just burnin away? People try to tell God to prove himself, well you have the bible and the proof yourself. You just have to turn from you old ways, give em your heart, and love him in all ways. Don’t let Satan conqure you, he’ll just burn your soul away. See, i turned from my selfish ways, and one day i’m gonna be walkin down the Golden way, leavin my past astray. Lookin up at God with a smile on my face. So come on friends join me to the path of bein saved. – Austin W., Kokomo]]>