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Kokomo Student

By June 5, 2013No Comments


By Michael K.  |  Student at Kokomo

kokomostudent I’m swagged up but filled with sin, Thankful it wasn’t me but Jesus pinned, Up on that cross, and I thank Him. Steady wantin to get high, But can’t reach the Creator of the sky, Unless I clean up, Clean my blood up, Cuz gangs can get you killed, Even if you mean mug. If you thirsty grab a mug of the Holy Spirit, Put your hands together and pray, I hear God will hear it, He wrote the sins down, ask for forgiveness, I hear he’ll erase it, There’s two bridges in life, The cross shaped one is the one I should be takin. They say you can’t live without water, Fact is, you can’t live right without the Father, Myth: I’ll reach Him if I get taller. I was asked, “What’s a goon to a goblin?” I said I don’t know but neither will see God when, He’s stoppin, to see what’s poppin on his planet, Now I ask myself, “None of this can be true, can it???”]]>