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Variety in Community

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Variety in Community

– From the Crossing at SB South The Crossing’s South Bend south campus has an incredible group of students. Some students are talented artists, while others excel in writing music. A number of students are great basketball players, and they get to show off their skills every Monday night. We see students who love math, some who dominate science and many who enjoy reading much more than they will admit. When we step back and think about it, it is clear we have a diverse and special campus. In the past two weeks, our campus has had great opportunity to display these different personalities. For those who love basketball, Monday nights are always something to enjoy. Staff and students gather together for some friendly competition, and a light-hearted banter usually accompanies each game. Staff and students playing basketball Many of our girls skip out on basketball, but they do not shy away from other activities. This past week, we had one female student, Kenzie, step up in leadership and take a group into the community for a service project. She called the organization, set up the dates and gathered a small team for the day of service.  Kenzie did an awesome job, and she effectively showed off some of her leadership skills. At times, we also get to see students display their skills and talents in Family Time. We recently played a game where students had to throw goldfish onto shaving cream-filled plates on their partners’ heads. It was ridiculous and goofy, but we loved watching our students enjoy a simple game. Aside from the silliness of games, we have seen students share thoughtful, genuine insights in these family discussions. This short pause in our day is always a neat time to see personalities and passions revealed. Student activity during family time In the midst of great fun and camaraderie, we have seen a deeper emphasis in the climate of our campus. As we have entered into this final quarter, there seems to be fervency in the students’ attitudes. There are still daily imperfections and difficulties, but there is an encouraging spirit about our students. We walked into fourth quarter with Galatians 6:9-10 as our guide: “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone.” We see this effort to “do good” in many of our students. Kevin, a graduating senior, is pictured next to our quarter’s mission statement because our campus wants to see him reap that harvest. He is working diligently, along with many other students, to reach the goals before him. Students are taking advantage of this last leg, this last quarter, and they are coming together in the process. Student works toward graduation The south campus is a special place. We have interesting, vibrant students, yet these same students understand what it means to come together. They are energized, active and determined individuals. We have loved these days of the final quarter, and we are excited about what is ahead. More than anything, though, we are thrilled to see our campus growing in the balance between individuality and community.]]>

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