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First Week Back at SB South

By April 16, 2013No Comments

SBSouth Group PhotoIt is officially Spring, and South Bend South is off to a great start for this Fourth Quarter. Even with some rainy days and sleepy mornings, our students have jumped right into these last nine weeks. A few students are already on track to finish their first classes by next week! It has been a great first week, and the students have shown us how serious they are about finishing the year well. Before we headed into the classroom, we had some time to reconnect and regroup. Three weeks can seem like a long time, so we were grateful for this time to come back together before the days got busy again. We played a few games, shared about our breaks and talked about the exciting things to come in this last quarter. It felt good to be back in the same room again. Once we got down to business, though, our students really encouraged us. We have challenged each student to finish 12 assignments a week and many have already risen to the occasion. A few students even doubled the number of assignments for an extra bit of challenge. It is exciting to see students work hard and see positive results. Outside the classroom, the Crossing experienced a very special event this week. On Thursday night, mothers of Crossing students gathered together for a meal and discussion. Some incredible volunteers from the community have invited our students’ mothers into these times of fellowship, and we are so thankful for the kindness that has been shared. This week, the group of women talked about the Five Love Languages and how we can best love the people in our lives. The mothers were encouraged, and a few Crossing staff members were very proud and honored to be a part of this community. As we head into another week, we are very hopeful for the Fourth Quarter. Students seem motivated to make this last leg count, and we are excited to help them along the way. We have much ahead in the next few weeks – events, service opportunities, and graduation. In all the impending busyness though, we are ready for the weeks ahead. We cannot wait to see how our students wrap up this school year.]]>