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Region 4 Visits the Indy Children's Museum

By March 4, 2013No Comments

Last Monday, the Region 4 students traveled to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. One highlight of the day included time together in the van ride down to Indy. One staff member gave us a tour of Indy, unintentionally, when we got a little off course. We learned that although our lives may get off track at times, if we do not give up, we can reach our goal. We finally arrived at the museum and enjoyed a beautiful day.  Students and staff enjoyed meeting Abraham Lincoln in honor of President’s Day. We also learned about heroes from Indiana, specifically young heroes. Other great sights included geckos, race cars, and glass sculptures. As shown in the photo, Miss Walker got to touch a real dinosaur bone. One student pretended to be a mother dinosaur as she took a rest from all of the walking on some dinosaur eggs. Overall, the students and staff enjoyed time just being together!]]>