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SB South Campus Update

By February 21, 2013No Comments

We have had another busy week at the South Bend South campus. It seems that as the quarter progresses, more events and more successes come our way. A few more students earned credits this week, while many continue toward the same goal. Students know we are halfway through the quarter, and many of them are displaying this in their diligent efforts.

While our students continue to work hard and earn credits, we have also had some special opportunities this week. On Tuesday we had our quarterly event, Family Night. We gathered together for a dinner of tasty appetizers and lots of good conversation. In light of Valentine’s Day on Thursday, we talked about disordered love. Staff led the discussion, but the majority of the sharing happened at the tables. It was a great night to be with students and their families.

South Bend South Students Visit Bethel College in Mishawaka IndianaOur students also had the chance to get out of the traditional classroom this week. For one of the dual credit classes we offer, the students are required to visit a college. We visited Bethel College on Friday, and the students seemed to greatly enjoy the experience. We sat in on a class and participated in group projects with the Bethel students. After class, we toured the campus and met a few faculty members. Overall, it was a great day and our students left with a better knowledge of the college lifestyle.

It has been a busy week, but nonetheless a good one. We continue to be impressed with the work that is accomplished in the classroom, and we are always excited to celebrate our students’ successes. We look forward to another good week!