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SB East Campus Update

By February 19, 2013No Comments

South Bend East presents its newest competition: ‘Dye’ the Teachers Faces on the wall from passing assignmentsWith the middle of the quarter fast on our heels, the staff felt that a little friendly competition might help reinvigorate the students. For each assignment that the students finished, they were able to choose a picture of Miss Handschu, Mr. Yoder or Mrs. Borke; they colored this picture and then put it up on the wall. At the end of next week, the staff member who has the most faces on the wall agreed to dye his/her hair! The student who put the most faces on the wall, by passing the most assignments, is able to choose the color! The competition has been a big hit with the students and has the staff working hard against each other to ensure that they will not be the dreaded teacher chosen! Also, Dominic, one of our students, has been participating in a Crossing internship at the Kroc Center this quarter. He has been really enjoying his experience there and it seems the Kroc feels the same way. We were very excited to hear that they have offered him a job starting as soon as his internship is over. Congratulations!]]>