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Elkhart 175 Campaign

By February 5, 2013No Comments

Elkhart Campus needs 175 credits in one quarter

The Elkhart Crossing Campus has accepted a challenge. This challenge will test our character like never before. We are attempting to shatter the previous quarterly record of 132 credits! How high will we soar? It depends on all of us: students, teachers, families and mentors. We will have to come together to accomplish this monumental task. We will succeed in our mission. We will earn 175 credits by March, 15th 2013! What will your contribution be?! At the Crossing, we require students to earn 5 credits per semester. This campaign is to create an atmosphere of hope, hard work, competition, and fun on our campus. If you would like to volunteer as a tutor or mentor at the Crossing, please go to Like this on Facebook or retweet this article to support our campaign!]]>