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Region 3 Travels to the Creation Museum

By December 6, 2012No Comments

We rolled out early last Friday morning, forty-four Crossing staff and students, ready for a trip back in time; back to the origins of the universe.  However this was not a trip of billions of years, but of mere thousands, comparatively short by evolutionary models.  We spent the day at the only museum on the planet dedicated to a Biblical, literal view of creation.  The Creation Museum, just over the Ohio River in Petersburg, Kentucky gave our students food for thought as they pondered their purpose on this planet.  What if we aren’t here by random chance, but by the loving design of an infinite creator?

Highlights of the trip include:
  1. A four-hour bus trip with plenty of food to go around.
  2. A tour to the edge of the known universe in the planetarium.  This is where Mr. Staley fell asleep in the reclining theatre seating.
  3. The six days of creation in full-scale, living color.
  4. The fossil record, archaeology, science, DNA, history, geology, astronomy all point to a young earth.  Recent scientific discoveries are making it harder and harder to defend the old-earth theories.
  5. The 7 C’s of History: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation explained in detail.
  6. Pizza and pop in Noah’s Café with a museum director giving a testimony of how God has provided the resources and people for this unique place.
  7. Another four-hour bus ride with a few emergency restroom stops along the way.
  8. 15 hours of building relationships, learning, thinking, sharing, laughing, and enjoying 60 degree weather on the last day of November.

Many of the students asked when our next Region 3 trip is going to be.  They loved the opportunity to get together and hang out with students from other campuses.  I’m not sure, but I’ll be working on it.  Thank you, Mr. Miller, for making this trip possible.