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Ligonier and Thankfulness

By November 28, 2012No Comments

Ligonier Thanksgiving Thank YouAs part of Ligonier’s Family Time theme of “Thankfulness” last week, the students and staff took the opportunity to write letters of thank you to those who have made an impact in their lives. All too often there are those who we know are influencing us for the better, but we never actually take the time to thank them for what they are doing. What many Ligonier Thanksgiving Thank Youstudents found was that once they got going with expressing their thankfulness, they couldn’t stop! The staff had to actually go out and acquire more thank you cards during the lunch our so that there would be enough for students in the afternoon session. As they headed into the Thanksgiving season, this activity provided a reminder of not only what they had to be thankful for, but who they could be most thankful for.

Ligonier Thanksgiving Thank You